B-Blending Mixing Panel

Pricing varies dependent on specs

The Bauer B-Nitrox Blending System combines easy operation with high safety. Use the B-Blending Mixing Panel with any Bauer Nitrox series compressors to produce nitrox blends with up to 40% O2 at low cost.

It is particularly suitable for diving centres with low or medium nitrox needs seeking a simple, yet safe nitrox production system.

Available as an integrated compressor unit, see technical details for suitable compressor models.


  • Long-life, maintenance free, temperature independent oxygen sensor
  • Production of Oxygen-Enriched breathing air up to 40% O2
  • Especially safe by temperature monitoring
  • Fittable to HP compressors with charging rate from 260-450 l/min

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Additional information

Weight 19 kg


Download PDF for full product range & technical specs: B-Blending Mixing Panel

Technical Specifications


Delivery 260 l/min
Operating Pressure 225 bar

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