Regulator Airstream C Evo Lite DIN & Octopus


Airstream C Evoque Lite DIN with 75 cm OMS by Miflex hose PVD black and Evoque Lite Octopuss with 100cm MiLitefex hose PVD black.

The OMS high performance AirStream first stage regulator now comes in a new Compact version. This first stage is made using a CNC machining process and is finshed in PVD! PVD stands for physical vapor deposition, a process used to create the highest durability, most tarnish and corrosion resistance possible today! It is a tower version, environmentally sealed, and has 4 Low Pressure ports and 2 High Pressure ports. Available in DIN and Yoke connections.

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  • Its superior design and quality make it a great regulator for any diver however it is excellent for Sidemount diving and using with stages.
  • This first stage is cold water rated and Paired with the New Evoque Lite balanced and adjustable second stage. Here we have changed the material of the internal valve to high density plastic allowing it to give the same performance but lighter for travel.
  • No matter what skill level or diving your doing this is the perfect regulator combination for you!

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