Regulator PREDATOR Unbalanced Piston


PREDATOR Regulator Unbalanced Piston.

Great performance from a budget regulator.

Low price and great performance.

High performance sport piston 1st stage.

This modern, sleek, design will easily handle pressures up to 345 BAR or 5000PSI.

Made from high grade chrome coated brass.

Compact high performance 2nd stage with pre dive and dive switch.

1 x HP Port.

2 x LP Ports.


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  • Valve type: Demand
  • Adjustment: Knob & pre dive switch
  • Balancing system: Mechanical
  • Integrated purge button: Yes
  • Mouthpiece: orthodontic
  • Nitrox compatibility: Standard to 40%
  • Weight (without hose): 180g
  • Dimensions (front profile): 67mm
  • Minimum cracking effort: Diver adjustable
  • Factory set inhalation effort: < 2.0 inches
  • Work of breathing: 0.9 Joules (average)

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