Safety Equipment Servicing

Last longer, work better,
stay safer.

With ISG on-site servicing, you can rest easy, knowing your equipment meets Australian and International Safety requirements.

Industry Accredited

Get peace of mind knowing your work-sites meet all the required safety standards.

Cost Effective

Regular servicing makes your equipment last longer, and saves on long term repair and purchase.


With ISG as a partner, you know all your equipment is safe and up to standard, without the hassle.

Brands We Service

Our qualified technicians can service and repair the following equipment brands:

Safety Equipment Servicing We Offer

MSA Altair 5x detector color

Gas & Flame Detection

Fixed & Portable Gas Detection devices require routine service and calibration. ISG use NATA traceable certified target gases to ensure accurate and fast response.

ISG thoroughly examine and perform factory calibration services to all major brands of devices ensuring compliance with OEM specifications and Australian Standards.

  • Calibrated to original factory specifications
  • Certification to OEM and Australian Standards
  • Factory Trained, Skilled Professionals
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans
Breathing Apparatus

Breathing Apparatus

Life Support equipment is subjected to some pretty harsh conditions. Emergency use only, or Rescue Operations.
SCBA is used where atmospheres can be Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH)

HAZMAT, Search & Rescue, Fire Fighting, Confined Space Entries – Equipment failure can have catastrophic consequences…

ISG offer service, repairs and certification to all brands of life support. We use only genuine OEM spare parts to comply with manufacturers recommendations and applicable Australian Standards so you know your equipment is compliant, reliable and ready for immediate use.

  • Certification to AS1715:2009
  • NFPA 1852 compliance testing
  • Electronic Dynamic breathing simulation tests
  • On-Site Scheduled maintenance plans
  • MSA Technical Partner
Air & Gas Compressor Repairs and Maintenance

Air & Gas Compressor Repairs and Maintenance

Your equipment is under atmospheres of pressure every day, and a breakdown can seriously impact your work and put your team in grave danger.
With ISG you know your pressure equipment can take the load, and your team isn’t exposed to the risk of harm from noxious, toxic and life threatening substances.

  • Bauer compressor authorised service agents
  • Industrial & Breathing Air
  • Specialist Technical knowledge and advice
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Air, Gas, EAN
  • Variety of Purifying Filters and Spares available
Liquid Booster Pumps

Liquid Booster Pumps

At ISG we know that finding the right liquid and gas booster pump isn’t about spending the most, it’s about finding the right one for the job.

We provide liquid and gas booster pumps from these trusted brands: Maximator, Haskell, ShineEast.

Not only have we been supplying and servicing these brands for decades, we also use them in our own business, when completing hydrostatic testing and recharging high pressure tanks.

Gauge Calibration & Certifications

Gauge Calibration & Certifications

Gauge accuracy and performance is critical in a high risk workplace. It is also a legal requirement to have regular testing.

With an ISG service plan you know every time you look at your gauge you’re getting accurate info and you’re always compliant.

  • High accuracy guarantee, from 1psi to 10,000.
  • Stay compliant with AS1349 with regular accuracy checks.
  • Calibrate in-situ for hydraulic and gaseous equipment.

Air Quality Analysis

Low air quality can cause sickness and death, damage equipment, and lead to high regulatory penalties. Our Air quality servicing packages ensure that your team can breathe easy, and you are fully compliant.

Every breath counts, and every day the air is untested puts your business at risk.

  • Servicing can be completed in-situ or in our accredited workshop.
  • Dependable 3 month servicing schedule as required by AS3848.2/AS2299/AS1715 & QLD Recreation Diving COP.
  • Air quality analysis can help identify issues with purifying filtration systems and forms an integral part of ongoing preventative maintenance programs.
Gas Cylinder Testing & Filling

Gas Cylinder Testing & Filling

We test and fill a wide range of gas cylinders and equipment, meeting all regulatory requirements, and ensuring your gear can handle the pressure.

  • All services completed at our independently audited Gas Cylinder Test Station.
  • Compliant with the Joint Accreditation Scheme of Australia and New Zealand (JAS/ANZ)certification requirements.
  • We test and fill SCUBA, SCBA, CO2 (Beer & Fire Extinguishers), Oxygen, Nitrogen and other integral gases.
  • Testing for hoses, pipes, spools, cooling nests and all equipment requiring rigorous, non destructive testing under high pressure.
Safety & Pressure Relief Valves

Safety & Pressure Relief Valves

Safety and pressure relief valves require bubble tight leakage in most cases, so servicing with industry experts is a must.

We work with leading Australian brands to ensure that your valves can handle the pressure, stress free.

  • Compliance with AS3788:2006 – Pressure Equipment.
  • Low pressure testing in-situ or in our state-of-the-art workshop.
  • High pressure testing can be set and certified to Australian Standards using NATA standards and testing equipment.

Confined Space Entry

We’ve got into some pretty tight spots over the years, (which means our clients don’t have to). Not only have we been in most of the smallest spots in NQ, we have all the gear and training we need to make sure that the job is done right, with no hassle for you.

  • Confined Space Entry Specialists
  • Confined Space Standby Personnel
  • Confined Space Rescue Personnel
  • No risk to your business or employees
  • Save on Training Costs

Mask Fit Testing

Mask fit testing is a legal requirement that often gets overlooked, but can be the difference between life and death.

  • Yearly testing provided as part of respiratory protective program.
  • Meet requirements outlined by AS1715:2009, covering any worker required to wear close fitting face piece.
  • Tests can be completed in-situ or in the ISG testing center.

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