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90% of work-site accidents could be prevented with the right gear, servicing and know how. That’s why you need a partner you can trust, delivering high-quality safety equipment, servicing you can rely on, and training that can save lives.

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Safety Products

The gear that your team relies on every day.

The lives of everyone on your site depends on their safety equipment. From the biggest compressor down to the smallest filter, every second they're at work they are in your hands. At ISG we take this seriously, and only partner with the world's leading safety equipment manufacturers. We make sure you've got the best safety gear for rent, repair or purchase so when it's ISG, you know your team is safe.

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Equipment Servicing

Save money, and lives.

30% of on-site deaths are related to equipment failure, but regular servicing and repairs will make your equipment last longer, and avert catastrophic failure. ISG offers a rigorous on-site testing and repairs schedule, which means you know your team has the best chance of getting home safe, while meeting Australian and International Standard Certification requirements.

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Safety Training

Teach safety - stay safe.

Safety isn't just the right equipment, it's the right mindframe, knowledge and behaviours. The best quality filtered breathing system won't work if it's not used properly and the best processes won't keep you safe if they aren't followed. To build a safety culture, ISG offers training packages tailored to your industry, team and work site.

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20+ years of safe worksites

Integrated Safety Groups Director has spent the better part of two decades working to keep Australian workers safe. The business started as Integrated Breathing Systems, providing high-quality equipment and repair to life support systems, and has since developed it's expertise in fire fighting equipment, servicing and on-site training. We now boast a combined 70 years of experience in all aspects of Fire & Safety.

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Don't put your team at risk

You're an expert in your industry, so you can't be expected to know everything you need to consider when managing your team's safety. Every business can do more for on-site safety, so ISG offers a complimentary business safety assessment. From this we provide advice and propose a customised package based on your organisation's equipment, servicing and training needs.

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